Written by Sis. O’Reilly

On 27 Sep 2020  (the 4th Sunday) at approximately 12:15 pm we will be celebrating our very own, First Lady Kathy Radford. We are asking all Ministries and the entire church family to please clear your calendar and join in with the celebration. Each Ministry is asked to collect your love offerings whether it be monetary, gift cards, flowers, balloons, gift baskets or whatever your heart’s desire to present it to our First Lady on that day. We would like one person from each ministry to present the gift to her. If you are not a part of a Ministry, please, don’t let that stop you from celebrating with us. You can still present your token of love to her on that special day. We want 100% participation.

We are going to line up and convoy pass the Pastor’s and First Lady’s Home. If you want to decorate your vehicle or make signs showing messages of love, please do so. 

The plan is to line up down the street from the Pastor’s home; First Lady will be outside waiting to see our beautiful faces as we convoy pass. Due to Social distancing, there is NO PHYSICAL CONTACT. There will be someone to receive the gifts for our First Lady. 

The Plan

Everyone will meet at the SPEEDWAY GAS STATION (2475 Tiny Town Rd, Clarksville, TN 37040) at 12:00.  At 12:10 we will depart the Gas station onto Tiny Town Road taking a right onto GREENSPOINT DRIVE headed to the Pastor’s and First Lady’s Home. The church van will be the first vehicle in the convoy so no one will get lost.  We are asking that everyone please turn on your 4-way hazards once the convoy starts so that we will be able to easily identify one another.  Please keep proper distance and stop at all stop signs. Once the van reaches Barker’s Mill Road, the operator will stop to make sure everyone is behind and ready to proceed. (The van operator and the last vehicle will exchange phone numbers. Once the van reaches Barker’s Mill Road, a call will be made to the last vehicle indicating so. When the last vehicle is ready, he/she will call the van operator to begin the convoy.)  

The directions to the Pastor’s house from Tiny Town Road:

1) RIGHT ON  GREENSPOINT DRIVE(this is the first right after exiting the SPEEDWAY GAS STATION






The reason we are not leaving SPEEDWAY GAS STATION and going directly onto Barker’s Mill Road to the Pastor’s house is because that would put us on the right side of the road and his house is on the left side. We want to take all safety measures to keep anyone from getting hit by oncoming traffic when they exit their vehicles to present the gifts to our First Lady. SAFETY FIRST…….NO ONE IS TO EXIT THE DRIVER’S SIDE OF THEIR VEHICLE FOR ANYTHING PLEASE. 

After you have presented your gift, we ask that you please continue to slowly move forward so the rest of the convoy can present their gifts. If you want to honk your horns, please do so but in moderation. As you proceed down Barker’s Mill Road, it will lead you back to Tiny Town Road. 

We want to thank everyone in advance for your participation in making this day a success and showing our Pastor that we not only love and appreciate him but that we love and appreciate our First Lady as well. 

Have a blessed day.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sis. O’Reilly at 931-216-6670


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